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Matthias Rode from Baden-Baden, Germany


And the winner of this months Owner's photo competition goes to Matthias Rode of Baden-Baden Germany

This month we decided to award a non-conventional photo. No breath-taking landscape, no beautiful sunset, no architectural detail…but just a very indigenous Italian life scene.

Matthias' photo captures one of those moments we have all witnessed during our many excuisons throughout Tuscany's diverse countryside - one of the major passions in Tuscany: cycling. It is very common to see these passionate part-time heroes, cycling along the many scenic roads, hills and mountains throughout this beautiful region.

No intention of winning anything or becoming famous - people of all ages and class share a great passion that probably derives from the success of the Tuscan idols of past Giri d'Italia and Tours de France, as Gino Bartali.

A growing number of foreigners, in the last years, started mixing themselves with the locals, turning the once almost deserted roads into a colourful and cheerful mix of new heros… until the day of the official race, that is exactly what our Matthias was prompt to capture down in Mercatale, few kilometres from us, on his camera. Bravo!