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Borgo di Vagli represents a growing niche in the renowned and resilient Tuscan rural real estate market. The supply of available Club ownerships is very limited; yet, demand among those who love Tuscany continues to be strong. 

As a result, Club prices have actually increased in the past two years. In considering the current economy, our Owners have recognised and commented that Club ownership is the financially prudent opportunity to own a no-hassle “Home in Tuscany” and is a wonderful way to establish a family legacy in this beautiful region.

1/10th Fractional Ownership Interest


€78,100*  for the One Bedroom Residence Category

€123,850* for the Two Bedroom Residence Category

* Prices include taxes at the current rate.

Subject to change without notice.

Please ask about our in-house stage payment plans.

  • 4 Planned Vacation weeks

  • Space Available Vacations

  • Short Notice Vacations (14 days prior to arrival)


In the summer of 2012 we seamlessly introduced two smaller Fractional Ownership interests alongside our popular 1/10th interest, this assisted us welcoming owners from around the world who love Tuscany, but have limited vacation time throughout the year to enjoy the full benefits of a 1/10th interest.


Please ask for further information.


In house stage payment options available.