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Testimonial - USA

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Dayna Corlito NY USA

I can proudly tell you that my decision to become a fractional owner at Borgo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I look back on the years between the first time I visited and this year and can tell you with certainty that I actually enjoy my visits to Borgo di Vagli more and more each year, if that is even possible. I have had numerous family and friends accompany me on my trips and most have been repeat visitors after experiencing the glory of Borgo di Vagli just as I had the first time I stepped foot on the Hamlet. I had traveled to Italy prior to first arriving at Borgo and had always thought about potentially buying an apartment somewhere either in one of the larger cities or in the Tuscan countryside so that I would always have a place to look forward to visiting, but it was just too cost prohibitive at the times I looked into it, especially with the appreciation of the Euro being a US citizen.

That is why I initially started out pursuing a shared ownership option. But to my delight, when Borgo di Vagli converted to fractional ownership, it gave me the opportunity to do just what I had hoped to do and accommodate my travel schedule, whereby I only get a few week's vacation on an annual basis from my job. Since then I have had the pure delight of entertaining friends and/or family on every visit and I am always excited when it's someone new and they get to experience Borgo di Vagli for the first time, because I feel like I get to experience that 'newness' of being there all over again. Stefania and her team have become part of my extended family. I truly look forward to seeing them when I visit and keeping in touch with them throughout the year. I have always enjoyed the fabulous views and taking day trips into Tuscany and Umbria, but now it's even more enjoyable because I am so much more familiar with the area and barely even need a map anymore, except for occasional reference. I have my favorite restaurants & my favorite towns to visit but I always save something new for my next visit to add to the excitement of discovering something I haven't during past visits. And that is the delight of being at Borgo di Vagli, there is always something new to experience on the property since management constantly strives to continue to make improvements and offer owners added services and options to look forward to and there is always a new place to explore on your day travels. I have visited Borgo di Vagli at different times of year and that – in and of itself – is a new adventure. My closest group of friends have accompanied me on my visits the majority of the time and it's become an annual pilgrimage for us. I relish in the thought that no matter what is going on in my life during a given year, I have the peace of mind knowing that at some point during the year all roads will lead to Borgo di Vagli and that is enough to keep me content. I look forward to spending many more years at Borgo di Vagli and just writing this now makes me homesick and wishing I was there!!!"

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Joe Teno and Gail Clinton, Sonoma CA USA

As if just being in Italy wasn't enough to help you put your daily worries aside and reflect on a simpler life, the final 2 kilometers of the Vagli's white road seem to completely untether you from the outside world. At the same time the undulating hand carved road leads you towards something all together different. It is a place steeped in history, surrounded by oaks and chestnuts, teeming with the sights, sounds and smells of the earth, a soulful place, perhaps a place you have not had an opportunity to visit in a while.

Once you arrive in your apartment, unpack and tide yourself over with local bread and olive oil. Walk outside and sit under the pergola. Look into the valley. Give yourself a few moments. Breath. Breath again, deeply this time. Then you'll begin to hear it, the symphony of sounds.Though they may begin faintly, if you invite them, they will begin to wash over you .... the buzzing bees, the wind in the leaves, the birds, the sounds of people speaking Italian...... all served on silent backdrop. You may begin to notice the smells; the vegetation, the damp comforting aroma of the earth, the brief wisps of lavender, rosemary or fennel. Can you smell the vines?

If you sit long enough the sun begins to fall below the hills and a new sound is heard, very different, startling, an animal sound. They huff, puff, and snort and then you see them, the family of boar dashing through the olive trees and up the hillside over well worn paths. Ugly as sin but what a delight to watch them go purposefully by.

And maybe you'll begin to wonder, has this changed in 100 years? 200 years? 300 years? If it has, I wonder how? Perhaps there would be more horses, perhaps more livestock and farming on the terraces. Look very closely and you'll see the terraces are everywhere. Who built them? How long did it take them? Certainly the bird songs and the wild boar and the breezes and smells and colors have not changed. This must be an experience I'm sharing with people who lived on this spot hundreds of years ago.

It is late summer but we've found that each season offers its own unique experience. In the Spring, the buds and flowers are overwhelming, their intense colors, the feeling of life about to burst forth with renewed energy and endless possibility.

In the winter, the contrast between the warm and cozy apartments, the crisp air and crystal clear, blue sky is striking. When a storm comes by covering the landscape with rain or a light dusting of snow, you sit before a warm, crackling fire, with a faint smell of woodsmoke, and feel a startling sense of intimacy with this place, a connection with the building and people who lived here before. They must have been as grateful as we are to feel the warmth and safety provided by the thick and sturdy masonry and yet be so connected to the beautiful land just outside the doors.

Walking the trails around the Borgo di Vagli intensifies the experience. Yesterday we started our walk in Cortona. As we started in the morning, mists still hung in the valleys. Up along the medieval path we walked, through more oaks and chestnuts. One wonders again, who were these people who built these paths? How long did it take them? How did they move the rock? These thoughts linger all the way to the top of Mt. Spino where one is rewarded with an astounding 360 degree Tuscan panorama. No need to tarry too long though, this is just the beginning of the visual treats that lie all along the 18 Km trail back to the Borgo. Around a bend the entirety of Lake Trasimeno explodes into view. White roads and single footpaths, intimate forest trails, you will experience them all along this journey.

And after hours of walking you may take your eyes off the brilliant views and become aware of something a bit more subtle, you may notice how the sun seems to have moved over your head. Just a few hours ago, in the morning, the sun was low and it was cool. Now a full measure of sun is warming you and casting an array of unique shadows. After another hour or so the sun seems to move again. And now it is afternoon and you get a new impression. There is even more warmth, mixed with a quiet, a stillness. And you may ask yourself why don't we do this more often? Spend a whole day, sunrise to sunset, outside, walking, absorbing light and warmth as we walk across the land.

Moving down Mt. Ginezzo now, headed home, down to the hunter's camp and the Monastery, you can smell someone burning brush, you can't see the fire or smoke, but it remains a comforting reminder that you are not alone here.

As you pick your way down the final hundred meters of the steep and narrow monk's trail, prepare yourself for the smell of the wood fired oven and roasted meat being prepared in the Trattoria. If you are like us you'll look at your watch and calculate the minutes until you can duck your head and descend into the Trattoria's warm, rustic surroundings about to celebrate a perfect day's end with a delicious, hand crafted Tuscan meal.

And the ultimate pleasure...you can do it all again tomorrow.

Our arrival here often feels like springtime with all the possibilities that season presents. And while our departures often feel like fall, with a touch of wistful sadness, we can only be grateful for what we just experienced.

Yes, we love

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Michael, Maryellen, Abbey Boylan Nantucket USA

"Our home away from home" Borgo di Vagli....
We truly relish our time there to adjust our view of what's important to our family. Our daughter Abbey, has fallen in love with Vagli and misses her friends Stephania and Bianca when we're not there!
Abbey loves the property and enchanting views.
Vagli has become our launching pad for all adventures in and around the region and beyond.
We'll be back in the spring! 

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Alba Farfagilia, San Clemente - California

We took "the scenic route" through northern Tuscany from the Pisa airport. We passed flowing meadows of sunflowers and green vineyards. The Tuscan hills were crowned with picturesque towns and cities. We stopped in Volterra for a light lunch and took pictures at the grandiose Roman theatre. We drove along the winding roads toward the southeastern part of Tuscany. As we came over the mountain toward Mercatale, we saw the silhouette of the Rocca di Pierle against the evening sky. Every time we come to Vagli the sight of that old castle takes my breath away. But this evening it was even more spectacular because there was a big red-faced moon hovering over it.
We turned left at the sign "Borgo di Vagli, Trattoria Icchè C'è, C'è - 2 kilometri." We stopped at "reception." Gianfranco was there to welcome us as he had done last year and the year before. He gave us the key to No 16, a two-story one bedroom stone cottage. We could smell the lavender and the rosemary that lined the path along the house - carefully tended to by Quarto, the gardener, I thought. We could hear voices from the kitchen, the clatter of plates and silverware and the aroma of ribollita, the Tuscan vegetable soup, which cook Dina was preparing for Sunday supper.
Yes, I had been to Vagli before, but I had never seen it as I did this night with the big red moon in the summer sky. We took showers, changed clothes, and got ready to join the other guests for supper, I looked out of the window to see if the red moon was still there, and yes, it was - "Sister Moon," as St. Francis of Assisi called it, a bit smaller, but still shining brightly above and close to the castle. And through the ages, how many people might have seen a red moon over Rocca di Pierle? They could have been farmers, peasants, children, lords and ladies, clergy from the nearby11th century church of San Biagio. How many people had looked up and sighed in wonder?
In 1567, the castle was demolished by Ferdinand di Medici on the pretext that bandits and assassins were hiding there. So, all that has remained for more than four hundred years is the enclosing wall, 15-26 ft. high, 2-3 meters thick. But in the moonlight, Rocca di Pierle looks whole and majestic, a powerful example of a feudal castle in Tuscany.
We hear a lot about being "Under the Tuscan Sun," but this night, it was the Tuscan moon lighting our way. We were at Borgo di Vagli under the big Tuscan moon.

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Peggy Olsen and Steve Piuma San Francisco USA

I am missing the Borgo now that we are back in San Francisco!! Had a great time there, as always. Steve and I were talking about our time there this year and how much we enjoy it more everytime we are there! The staff is so pleasant and cordial that we now feel that we are "at home" when we are there. I do miss seeing the Borgo fox however....

Best to you all, and remember we would host a gathering of potential owners in SF for you gladly!

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Professors Paul Escott and Candelas Gala, Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

We were fortunate to hear of Borgo di Vagli rather early, and it quickly became a treasured part of our lives. Our work keeps us away during most of the year, but we look forward for months to our annual visit and think about the hiking, the vistas, the bright sun and dark nights, the fragrance of the broom, and the coolness and quiet inside the stone dwellings. The hamlet's importance is all out of proportion to the time we are able to spend there.

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Dr. Daniel & Beth Steinke, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, USA

"We can hardly wait to go back again to our little piece of heaven at Vagli."

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Thomas & Shari Marquis Boston, USA

We have family homes in Duxbury (Boston) Massachusetts & Naples, Florida and we both have shared a dream of one day owning a pied-a-terre in Tuscany, Italy. That dream has now become a reality having recently purchased at Borgo di Vagli; a beautiful restored 14th century Tuscan stone hamlet.

The quiet and spectacular location, restoration, finish and genuine antique furniture coupled with the friendliness and helpfulness shown by all the management and staff during our inspection during our trip made the decision to buy effortless.

Given our profession as realtors, the simplicity of purchasing at the hamlet was a revelation to us. The process took one hour. Low key but professional. As they use a UK-based trust company, there were no legal fees or closing costs. We thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Tuscan Fairs and the ambiance in the hamlet's trattoria, it was a great opportunity to meet other Club Owners and guests and listen to their stories while learning tips from their daily excursions. The evening we will cherish for years to come.

Because of the close proximity to so many beautiful places of interest we took day trips every day to places like Cortona, Lake Trassimano, Montepulciano, & Siena. Plus easy train access to Florence. But now that we are owners we can take comfort in the knowledge we will have time to explore and appreciate them fully. We are already longing to return to our new Tuscan Home next year.

As past President of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the Massachusetts Association of Realtors I can strongly recommend this as a great value.

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Mr & Mrs Keyes 11 Mystic CT USA

"We admired the authenticity, attention to detail and professionalism employed by all concerned in the restoration and development of this beautiful project".

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Brad & Trish Hawarny, Arizona USA

"We originally 'found' Borgo di Vagli on the Internet. It's intrigue and pricing kept bringing us back to this home page. It looked so unique and interesting, but though we loved international travel, we had never been to Italy. Knowing what a popular tourist destination Tuscany is, we calculated we could always trade it or even sell it, if it wasn't right for us and we bought "sight unseen"!!!!
But now we have visited and experienced Vagli. We have seen the attention for detail and quality put into the restoration and felt the serenity of Vagli. With our ever-increasing hectic lives, it is good to know that Vagli is waiting for us. We consider ourselves lucky to have discovered this very special place. What a find!"

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Patrick & Susan LaSalle NY USA

"The heart and soul, the true essence of Vagli, lies in the character of Mr. Di Rosa, the friendly management and staff. Their spirit and vision are the qualities that make Vagli come alive and are endearing to me."

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Richard & Donna Resnick, Temecula - California

The opportunity to own a piece of enchanting Tuscany was a dream come true for me and my wife. Our arrival at Borgo di Vagli this past summer confirmed instantly that we had made the right decision! We were warmly greeted by the staff, who showed us to our residence, and we knew instantly that we were in our "second home".
Our residence overlooks stunning natural beauty and was beyond comfortable, and beautifully decorated. We just instantly loved our romantic little hideaway.
With helpful suggestions from the management and staff, we went on a number of driving adventures and discovered that Borgo di Vagli truly is located in the heart of the most beautiful part of Tuscany. Each little hill town was more magnificent, each rolling valley more tranquil.
We can't wait to return to our "new" home, and once more be with the warm and inviting staff that treated us like family!

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Patricia K. Rotchford, J.D - Northbrook, Illinois

Borgo Di Vagli "Is Under The Tuscan Sun" - Plus!
My experience at Borgo di Vagli cannot be described in a few words. As an American and as a person who has travelled the world, I have found my home away from home.
This is truly a place to return again and again with family or cherished friends.
It will take a lifetime to experience and see the splendours of the area and to fully appreciate our historical origins.
Borgo di Vagli the only private resort that is a city within itself and yet near Cortona and all of the Tuscan splendours, yet a easy drive to Rome or Florence.
The opportunity to experience a 14th century village which has been renovated to a 4 star resort of modern magnificence, while keeping the original character, is not to be missed by anyone who enjoys culture, history, Epicurean delights and beauty.
I was struck by the beauty of the view from Borgo di Vagli. The interior décor and modern amenities inside the original restored structure pleased my every senses. I let my imagination run away thinking of centuries ago of the people who may have lived here.
In my many world travels, I could easily pick a favorite room at my destination. All of the rooms in each residence at Borgo di Vagli became my favorite. The Tuscan décor is easy to live with and so comfortable. At first I fell in love with the authentic fireplace in the living room, then I could not help but gaze at the kitchen. I have seen no other like it. The sink, cabinets, countertop, all the way to the copper cook ware displayed were 14th century replicas. The dishwasher and refrigerator were hidden behind wood panel doors, reminiscent of 14th century cabinets. The dishes are truly beautiful. The furnishings and décor are way above the standard fare found at most resorts.
I viewed every residence at Borgo di Vagli and found the same beauty in each. The bedrooms and bathrooms are glorious.
Every room became my favorite. The staff are exceptional.

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Trish & Brad Hawarny Tucson, Arizona USA

We have been mesmerized with Borgo di Vagli for a few years now. In the beginning it was the new exquisite experience of Tuscany and this luscious "home" we enjoyed for at least a week. Upon return visits it is seeing the subtle yet improvements and care the property continues to receive, the comfort of knowing what to expect and returning to favourite places that are so familiar, while always branching out and making new and exciting discoveries during each trip. This was one of the best decisions we have made in our 27+ years of marriage.

Our very best to you!

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David and Lynn Waugh San Diego, California USA

If it is not too late to add our testimonial, we would like to say the following of our investment.......

One word describes the Italy we have come to love, "Baci." Immediately discovering the obvious external beauty in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, it was the labor of love transcended through generations, the people, that drew us in. Italians tend to things with passion. A poetry of spirits, passion transcended provides extraordinary beauty for "all" things loved-art, landscapes, architecture, family, etc.. Baci, cheek kisses or Baci chocolate? We couldn't decide so took them both and invested in Borgo di Vagli which is simply divine!

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